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Alisa Sedunova
A partial Bombieri–Vinogradov theorem with explicit constants
(Aspects explicites d’un théorème de Bombieri–Vinogradov)
Publications mathématiques de Besançon (2018), p. 101-110, doi: 10.5802/pmb.24
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Class. Math.: 11N13, 11N05, 11N36
Keywords: Primes in arithmetic progressions, Bombieri–Vinogradov theorem, large sieve


In this paper we improve the result of [1] with getting $(\log x)^{\frac{7}{2}}$ instead of $(\log x)^{\frac{9}{2}}$. In particular we obtain a better version of Vaughan’s inequality by applying the explicit variant of an inequality connected to the Möbius function from [5].


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