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Florent Ulpat Rovetta
A strategy and a new operator to generate covariants in small characteristic
(Une stratégie et un nouvel opérateur pour générer des covariants en petite caractéristique)
Publications mathématiques de Besançon (2018), p. 85-99, doi: 10.5802/pmb.23
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Class. Math.: 13A50, 14H45
Keywords: Positive and small characteristic, syzygies, generating system of covariants, separating system of covariants.


We present some new results about covariants in small characteristic. In Section 1, we give a method to construct covariants using an approach similar to Sturmfels. We apply our method to find a separating system of covariants for binary quartics in characteristic $3$. In Section 2, we construct a new operator on covariants when the characteristic is small compared to the degree of the form.


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